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Hello :-)

May 22nd, 2010 at 07:22 pm

Ok, what is there to say about me? I'm your simple everyday person. Personally, I've got the cutest baby boy ever (as all moms say that about their kids, lol). I've been with my husband for 5 years and married for two. Professionally, I've been working in the insurance industry for almost six years. My husband works in the safety and health management field. We live in a modest home in New Jersey. We're both hard workers and take lots of pride in the things we have.

I created this blog to help me stay on track with our finances. This past year has been rough on us financially. It seemed like every time we turned around, there was a new challenge to face. We had just bought a house when we discovered we were having a baby. Then due to some pregnancy complications, I had to be out of work for awhile, therefore less pay coming in and lots of medical bills. Then at the same time, we had to use all our savings to fix the water heater. There was so many issues that we had to rely on our credit cards. Then earlier this year, we were still getting it with new surprises: we needed a new dryer, my husband got into a minor accident, and we had to fix the plumbing - all happening at once! When it rains, it pours. A year later, the water heater is finally paid off. I hope that this dark rain cloud has lifted.

I created a budget list of all our debt and I'm going to start putting aside some emergency funds again. Hopefully I will beable to build something up again. It's hard because we are still catching up on some bills. Plus I'm the saver and my husband is the spender.

That's all for now. Please let me know what you think! Best wishes to all!

7 Responses to “Hello :-)”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Welcome to Saving Advice! I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Purple Flower's Says:


  3. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Welcome !!!

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    Welcome! I'm from NJ too!

  5. Ima saver Says:

    Welcome, glad you have joined us!!

  6. Ralph Says:

    Welcome. I feel your pain - expenses seem to rain down on me like, well, rain!

  7. Homebody Says:

    Welcome to our friendly little community! PS I have the cutest granddaughter in the world!

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